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More About SpaceCubes

What are SpaceCubes ?

SpaceCubes are real 3D puzzles.

SPACE CUBES are unique. There is nothing like them. However they do draw comparisons with Rubics cube because they are both 3D, addictive, challenging, and they appeal to the same age group - children (7+), teenagers, and adults alike.

What do they consist of?

SPACE CUBES consists of identically shaped pieces. The pieces are big "C" shapes, about 3 inches long (7 cm), with a diameter of nearly half an inch (1 cm), and made from high quality plastic. They are nearly indestructable!

What do I have to do?

You have to make 3D shapes.

How do I do that?

Start by making a CUBE from 6 pieces


What is so clever about that?

The clever bit is that until you have all 6 pieces together the CUBE falls apart. There is no glue, magnets or clips. When all 6 pieces are together they each hold each other together to form the CUBE. That is the clever bit. The cube is very strong until you twist one piece and then it falls apart.

And then what?

When you can make CUBES you then interlock cubes to make other shapes. For example, in the basic pack you get enough pieces to make 3 CUBES. With 3 CUBES you can make all the 3-cube shapes like the LINK, CHAIN, KNOT, BLOB (and of course smaller shapes like the HYPER CUBE)

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Which is the most difficult?




Why is the BLOB the most difficult?

The BLOB is made out of 3 cubes like alot of the other shapes, but to get the last pieces in place you have to (temporarily) remove some of the first pieces.

I give up. Where can I get help?

Firstly, use the virtual 3D worlds (or models) on the web site. If you click on any of the shapes on the left hand menu then you will get the corresponding virtual 3D world which shows you the finished shape - you still have to work out how to make it. Note: that you can rotate, zoom in and out, etc. to get better views of the virtual 3D world.

If you need more help than the virtual 3D finished shape then there is a lot of help on the web site. Start at the Help index on the SPACE CUBES web site (http://www.spacecubes.com). Some of the shapes (eg. the CUBE, and the LINK and the CHAIN) have animated 3D VRML worlds where you can see the shapes being made. But this is cheating!

I can do the BLOB. What next?

  • Try racing against the clock, or your friends - going for the fastest time.
  • Try doing the CUBE with one hand - this is possible!
  • Try making up your own shapes.
  • Try making bigger shapes (eg. with 6 CUBES or 8 CUBES or more - there is NO limit).
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